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Purdue University...... my journey to the US

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Utkarsh J. | Purdue University | Fall 2019

Utkarsh has started his master’s in Cyber Security this Fall at Purdue University. He graduated with a bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies in June 2019.

The thought of pursuing a Master’s in the US did not even cross Utkarsh’s mind until the junior or third year of his degree when his friend at school mentioned it to him. That small nudge was the start of something more profound. Here’s how it all unravelled for Utkarsh.

Utkarsh insists on the fact that he has “always been an average student” but says that he has also always been bullish about “dreaming a bit higher than average”. During his undergrad, the field of cybersecurity caught his interest and he focused on getting as much experience as possible through different challenges, workshops and hackathons. His internships also saw him working in the field of cybersecurity or at least something that related to the field. The one thing that he realized while striving to get some real world experience was that “no one takes the word of an undergraduate student, without much experience, to secure their computer architecture".

Determined to change that he borrowed his friend’s dream to study internationally and decided to pursue further specialization in the field of cybersecurity.

As he started preparing for his GRE and IELTS, he started shortlisting universities that offer specialized graduate programs in cybersecurity or related fields. He targeted the US because it has some of the best universities in the world and because of the high number of jobs in the information technology industry.

Utkarsh says that while preparing for the tests was easy (figuratively speaking; just because of a well defined curriculum), the task to filter out universities globally that fit his needs was a pain he would have spent money to solve (we saved him that money too). As he started to get closer to the test date, he was “extensively seeking people’s answers” to his questions “online as well as offline”. He was “overwhelmed by various stories and suggestions” that he amassed and was frustrated by how he was still lost for the right answers that would suit his profile.

This is when he met Raj, on Raj’s expedition to Indian schools and universities to launch Connexio. Utkarsh says that getting onto Connexio was “one of the best decisions” he made (we won’t stand in the way of this claim). Not only was Utkarsh able to zero down on the right schools but saved money by not applying to 10 universities (which is now becoming a norm).

Utkarsh says that “Connexio’s guidance throughout was very helpful, not only with the universities and applications but also with visa interview preparation”.

We are happy to share this success story with you all and extremely delighted to have guided Utkarsh to his final destination. We wish him all the luck for his future endeavors and hope his story would inspire other students to take control of their journey and not pay agents and agencies to get third hand advice from them.

We'd be happy to take any questions that you might have for us or Utkarsh. Please post them in the comments below.

Good luck!