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“Invest in yourself” — Vishal’s journey from India into a PhD program at Missouri S&T.

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

We met Vishal during one of our customer discovery sessions. From the first look, Vishal seems like many other international students who are in a new world and trying to set their feet. Little did we know that behind the occasional introvert smile, was a student who despite limited guidance had reached an important milestone in his academic career and is now a PhD candidate at Missouri University of Science and Technology. 

Vishal was 19 years old when he decided that he would have to do a master’s degree in business or engineering to propel his career towards a job of his liking. As an engineering student at Veermata Jijabai Technological Institutein Matunga, Maharashtra in India, Vishal says that he was “Not looking to come to the US but to get a job after college like most other students” in his freshman or first year. In his sophomore or second year, he decided to take the GRE with a minimum knowledge of which schools he would apply to after the test. The modicum of guidance that he received came afterwards from his brother’s friend who had graduated with a Master’s degree from Missouri University of Science & Technology. He recommended the school to Vishal along with some other schools that might be a good fit. 

The push to do a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering came from the realization that his bachelor’s degree would be of better use if he were to do more specific work in a field of his choice and that was only possible through a technical higher degree. Besides, doing the analysis on how much more he’d have to spend to get a US degree, he also analyzed his future earnings from a job in the US versus in India. 

When asked if he would still have taken the decision to do a graduate degree in the US without the earning analysis, Vishal’s answer was a strong YES. He said he believes that “You should invest in yourself and he would have somehow managed the finances to gain the experience of studying abroad”. This is a good advise for any student who is thinking about pursuing a master’s or PhD degree in the US. Vishal also suggests that “even though you might not be very confident in your subjects during the bachelor’s degree, keeping it cool and investing time and effort will help you make great headway towards your goals.” 

Once Vishal was here, he worked with a few professors to hone in what his exact interests were. Since he did not want to settle for less, he initially kept himself financially afloat through small jobs on the campus and eventually as a research assistant. Now, sure about what specialty he wants to commit to, he is pursuing his PhD in Compound Semiconductors Materials and Devices in Electrical Engineering and aims to compete it by 2019.

It’s students like Vishal and their persistence that make us want to work towards making students successful through better guidance. Connexio is built around giving students the guidance that is tailored to their needs. We believe, every student deserves a chance to be matched with the school of their best potential and we use Artificial Intelligence to find the best fit.