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  • Emily Mcintosh

"Don't get influenced by others." Bhavika's pivot from Civil Engineering to Cyber Security.

Bhavika M.

Undergrad - Civil Engineering, NIT - Jalandhar

Grad - Engineering Management, Washington University

Focus - Cyber Security

Interesting things about Bhavika

  • Was influenced by her family to pursue Civil Engineering. She did not like the field.

  • Started preparing for Common Admission Test (CAT), MBA in India

  • Realized the value of studying in the US

  • GRE score: 314 (169Q, 145V)

What was the best thing about coming to the US for you?

People around you are very helpful. There are professors at the university are always available and ready to help.

Why did you choose US over other countries?

I considered the financial implications. If a student considers to study in India and do an MBA, he/she will be spending the same amount for getting a master's degree in the US. And the value of a US degree is more.

What were the biggest challenges that you faced when starting your undergrad?

I was influenced by my parents to pick Civil Engineering. During the degree, I realized that this wasn't for me and so I decided to try out computer science and join Cognizant Solutions after graduation.

What advice would you give to the students?

  • If a student is planning to start in Fall then he/she should have taken the GRE by September/October at the latest so that there is time before the application period.

  • A student should start preparing for the GRE in college, if he/she is planning to study abroad. I did not have time to do research on universities and courses. If you start preparation early, you should spend time on finding the right programs and schools for yourself.

  • Students should spend more time on verbal. If you have a time frame of 1 month then focus on quant but if you have more time then focus on verbal.

What's your parting advice for aspiring students?

Don’t go to consultants and consultancies. Network with people and use their experiences to make the best decisions.

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