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Expert Speaker Series

Bhaskar Dutta, is a Data Scientist at Bayer Crop Science, working primarily in Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. He also has extensive background in data engineering and processing technologies. His primary interests are in product innovation, leveraging the recently possible in technology.

Future in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


May 31, 2019

Ryan J. Price is what industry would call a 'data scientist', but he tries to avoid such vague & obscure terms. He has experience in academia across several different theoretical & applied fields, such as statistics, economics, and finance. His professional business work spans many software development and data-related fields, mostly focused on data engineering and ETL (Extract Transform Load). His preferred toolset contains the likes of R, Python, SQL, Bash, and Docker, with a strong focus on developing reproducible & portable enterprise data software.

Future in Data Science and Engineering


March 30, 2019


Dr. Amardeep Kaur is an assistant professor at Missouri University of Science & Technology. She completed her bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Punjab, India in 2006 and then her Master’s and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Missouri S&T (2007 - 2014). 

Her areas of interest are — 

  • Engineering education 

  • Electrical and electronic circuits

  • Semiconductor devices

  • Smart sensor systems

  • Instrumentation

Dr. Kaur has authored and co-authored 15 research papers in national and international journals and conferences. She has received the Faculty Achievement Award, IEEE St. Louis Outstanding Educator Award and is an eFellows grant recipient for a course redesign. 

She is the past chair of American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE) - Midwest Section and is an active member of Sigma Xi, IEEE, SPIE & SWE.

Future in Electronics & Electrical Engineering


February 12, 2019


We'll be bringing a cyber Security Expert to talk about the future in the field soon. 

Future in Cyber Security

Cyber Security Expert

Coming Soon